Visit our Retail Store

Our retail store features all of our core Higlander brands as well as our seasonals and one-offs not found in the LCBO. We also feature a wide selection of goods from local artists and artisans, most of which will pair very well with one of our many brews.

Host an Event

Bring your friends and join in the Highlander Hall for your wedding, birthday, conference, or any other event you want to host. Our Highlander Hall will seat 80 people and can be booked free of charge on a first-come first-serve basis. Contact us for more information or if you would like to book an event.

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Tour our Brewery

We are proud of our new brewery and can't wait to show it off to people so feel free to stop in for a quick tour. Although we try to accomodate evryone we are able to, it is always best to call ahead to make sure someone is available to walk you through our brewery.

Our Current Lineup

Scottish Ale

Pale Ale. Aromas of anise and dark toasted rye, hints of caramel and nut, subtle burnt edges accented by coffee, and soft mouth finish.


Brawny complex malt. Notes of dark chocolate, dark roast with burnt espresso edges, hints of maple and mellow, smoke peat.


Lion Grass Ale blends organic lemongrass and dandelion leaf with Cascade hops. Well-balanced leaning towards the malt side with hints of honey, a citrus dryness with a light and clean finish.

Pipers Loch

With West coast influences the mildly hopped Pipers Loch is incredibly refreshing. With notes of citrus and a clean finish this beer is approachable for all beer drinkers.

Happy Landing

Happy Landing Diner & Gas Staion was a staple in the Almaguin region for over 50 years. With the brewery now in this location, Happy Landing Ale pays homage to this landmark with a golden English ale orange rind and oatmeal to create a balanced well crafted ale.

Buck Shot

This traditional lager is hand crafted using traditional teqniques to produce a clean sessionable lager.

Rye Road

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This full body Stout uses organic orange rind and premium malts that produces notes of dark chocolate, roasted coffee, and a delicate hint of orange on the finish.

Wee Heavy

Complex malt profile, very approachable and easy drinking. Notes of burnt sugars and creme brûlée. Notes of dark fruits figs and raisins. Noble hop profile with a slight honey granola dry finish. Very well balanced and sessional ale.

Twisted Spruce

Twisted Spruce has a light amber colour reminiscent of honey and a loose white head that hangs on as a thin cap. Made using spruce tips harvested near the brewery, this ale’s smell is actually quite yeast-heavy with caramel and freshly cut grain tones behind.