Lion Grass (12 × 650ml)

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  • Lion Grass (12 × 650ml) - Highlander Brew Co
  • Lion Grass (12 × 650ml) - Highlander Brew Co


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Make your taste buds roar

with Lion Grass

The light, citrusy taste of Lion Grass comes from locally sourced organic ingredients.

If you like citrus in your beer, look no further than Lion Grass. Made with certified organic lemongrass and dandelion leaf, LionGrass is brewed with a dry hop technique using cascade hops for a refreshing lemon taste.

LCBO#: 397471
ABV: 5.4%
 IBU: 37
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    If you are eating something spicy like Thai or Indian food, Lion Grass works perfectly to cut through the spice. It also works well with fish - a perfect beer for your next ice fishing expedition.

  • What people are saying about Lion Grass

    “Lion Grass... is a blonde ale that has been flavoured with organic lemongrass and dandelion leaves.

    “Pours a cheery gold colour with a fluffy off-white head made up of tiny bubbles. Nose is very green and herbaceous with a distinct lemon scent and a hint of lemon bread. First sip gives us sweet lemon and lemon curd, with a chicory/coffee note from the dandelions. There is a slight herbal bitterness that tastes similar to a frisee salad with a citrus dressing. Finish brings out a touch of barley and bread before going into a tangy lemon zest aftertaste. The beer tastes very green, lots of leafiness to it fresh and bright (a nice change from all of the heavy stouts and ales I have been tasting lately).

    “There is also a very wine-like feel to it. I get a nice grapey taste with the citrus and there are moments I feel like I am tasting a sauvignon blanc or a light riesling. Aeration brings out a good hit of malt, tangy sweet and dark malt sugars, and a hint of caramel right at the back.

    “Well, that’s a different, interesting, and very refreshing beer. It has a lot going on in the flavour department while still being light. You definitely need to get one of these in you...”

    (The Pint Jockey)

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